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BRIDGE the GAP is an Educational and Entertainment PODCAST It is a very comprehensive initiative that covers the extra-curricular interests of pupils aged 5 to 16 years old.

We are delighted to invite Javone to record an episode about anything she requires or feels passionate about.
The idea is to bring a unique and unprecedented audio and visual learning and lifestyle experience to the subscribers through it’s ingeniously unique content and services.
BRIDGE the GAP has an online platform to cover the following:
Cross culture community link to share cultural ideas and traditions, including food, music and fashion
Homework assistance
A vast network of professionals will be available to offer advice on lifestyle aspects such as career choices, homework, fashion anxiety, entertainment, and much, much more, including various workshops. These will include educators, psychologists, artists, musicians, entertainers such as DJs and various extra-curricular workshop coordinators.
These professionals will work with the pupils under strict parental controls

BRIDGE the GAP aims to encourage individual confidence, bringing out, and allowing the ‘YOU’ in each subscriber to be proud, confident, and ultimately successful!
BRIDGE the GAP audio and video podcast will introduce and enable an almost alien transition from a scheduled learning programme to an ‘out of this world’ learning experience. YES, an ALIEN one!
Fidel Channer, the visionary behind BRIDGE the GAP said, ‘’I wanted to offer a comprehensive service where subscribers would find all their questions and hobbies etc on one and the same platform with just one click. Quite an alien concept, but very possible’’
Bridge the Gap will also be introducing Augmented reality (AR) after it’s developed. AR is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory. AR can be defined as a system that fulfills three basic features: a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects.
BRIDGE the GAP’s core interests include:
We use audio and visual to bring stories, pop culture topics, music, DJ tutorials, illustrated children’s books, and more, under one umbrella. BtG will spark the curiosity of children, pupils, and parents alike…

Mar 28, 2021


Known by many as “Dylan from MTVs Making the Band/Daband”, Dylan Dilinjah shot to fame as one of the shows most memorable characters and has since proven himself as a credible and talented Caribbean hip hop artist. 


Dylan DilinJah was born in Brooklyn, NY to West Indian parents, and grew up being exposed to both Caribbean and American cultures. Dylan went to school both in New York and the Caribbean where he excelled, particularly in writing and displayed a strong natural talent for composition and prose at an early age. After being a selector and reggae/hip hop DJ for a period of time, he decided to pursue his love for writing music. Dylan DilinJah found a local studio and recorded over 80 songs, sold demos and performed in showcases before deciding to take his talent to a greater audience. 


Dylan auditioned for the MTV show "Making the Band" fronted by Diddy/P Diddy and was chosen out of 40,000 hopefulls to be one of six to form the group Daband. 


The group later went on to achieve Platinum success and worldwide TV recognition. After the show's contractual end Dylan embarked on 2 successful United States tours, various shows in the Caribbean, and released mixtapes that have been very well received by music lovers worldwide. 


There are quite a few things you may remember about Making The Band 2’s Dylan Dili, but arguably one of the most memorable is Dylan being immortalized by Dave Chappelle.
But, Dili has worked consistently since the show to turn his reality television fame into a music career.
Dili’s  Pain 2 Power dropped in September and is currently up for Grammy consideration. “I was very Kanye on this one where I wanted perfection,” he says. “We’re in consideration right now. It’s not a nomination yet, but we’re in consideration for a Grammy.”

He wasn’t too excited about seeing himself on Making the Band 2

“I hated watching myself because you don’t see how you are until you watch yourself,” he tells ESSENCE. Dili explains that it’s hard for viewers to understand the stress and strain of the grind. “Do they see the stress, the tears, the crying, the frustration, the lack of sleep, the constant grind? Do they see what you’ve really gone through? Nah.”
Meeting Dave Chappelle was “dope.” 

Chappelle immortalized Dili in the now iconic Chappelle’s Show skit that poked fun at the hip-hop artist. “I had never met Chappelle before that and it was the most amazing link up ever and we had shots. We had a few shots and it cooled us out and I can’t wait to see him again.” And, if you’re curious Dili’s top five rappers don’t include himself. He lists in no particular order: Tupac, Eminem, Andre 3000, Lil’ Wayne and Lauryn Hill.

On missing the opportunity to work with Kanye West and Will. I. Am.

Da Band had the opportunity to work with the two artists before they became known wolrdwide. Dili says when he met Kanye they discussed working on Da Band’s album, but the group shut down the idea. Then, when Diddy introduced the group to Will. I. Am, it seemed the group wasn’t really feeling him either. “The sound wasn’t with them and they all left the room. The only people left was me and Sara, then Sara left and it was just me and Will.I.Am was like, ‘I love what you’re doing, but if the whole group is not doing it what can I do?'”

And, he’s still cool with Diddy. 

Dylan has a Ciroc sponsorship with the premium vodka brand recently sponsoring his Pain 2 Power listening party. “Ciroc sponsored my whole event. Ciroc girls, Ciroc boys were there. Puffy’s assistant was there. Everyone came. Ciroc sponsored my whole event and any event that I do. I’m was a Ciroc boy before Ciroc started.”